Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Sycamore Ridge by the Numbers

 When I was in high school algebra class, I remember asking when I would ever need to know the things they were teaching.  When I decided to become a Golf Course Superintendent, I thought for sure I was picking a career that wouldn't have much math involved.  I was definitely wrong.  I am constantly using math of all kinds in the work I do.  That is why I decided to do a post about random numbers concerning Sycamore Ridge.

43,560 = the number of square feet in an acre

3.8 = acres of greens

3.5 = acres of tees

27 = acres of fairways

80 = acres of rough

26 = acres of native grass area

80 = acres of woodland

1/8" = normal mowing height for the greens

1/3" = mowing height for the collars

5/8" = mowing height for fairways and tees

2+1/2" = mowing height of the rough.

5,994 = average area in square feet of the greens

7,200,000 = approximate number of holes poked into the greens when we aerified recently

4.5" = the average depth of  those aerification holes

511 miles = the total length if you placed those aerification holes end to end

300 gallons = the average amount of mixture sprayed on our greens

1800 gallons = the average amount of mixture sprayed on tees and fairways

1/4 ounce per acre = the lowest rate of any chemical we apply to the course

6,250,000 = the average number of seeds in a pound of creeping bentgrass seed

1,400 = approximate number of sprinkler heads on the golf course

2,100 gallons = the maximum per minute flow rate for our pump station

7 miles = the approximate length of the cart path

25.5 years = how long I have worked as a Golf Course Superintendent

5,320 days = how long I have been working at Sycamore Ridge

These are just a few of the numbers bouncing around in my head on any given day.  It is a real mess in my brain.  Numbers have become a lot of fun for me.  Numbers can be shocking, laughable, entertaining, and very important.  I couldn't do my job without the math skills I learned in school.  Some people think that all I do is grow and mow grass???? I wish!

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