Monday, May 1, 2017

Updates to the course GPS system

Over the last couple of months, Sycamore Ridge has been working to install updated features to our course GPS system.  With the new updates you will see that the distance to the pin is now more accurate.  This distance is calculated to the center of the zone in which the cup is placed for the day, rather than simply the center of the green.  Geo-fencing was also integrated into the system.  This allows the course to set up boundaries where carts are and are not allowed to travel.  This fencing was placed around native areas, and areas on fairways where carts are not permitted.  If the system recognizes that the cart has entered one of these restricted area, a signal is sent to the screen informing the driver that thy need to move the cart.  When conditions require that the course is "Cart Path Only" the system will notify carts to return to the path.  Some false positive notifications have been experienced, these are caused by signal interference from trees and ground form.  Hopefully these new features will improve your golfing experience here at Sycamore Ridge Golf Club.