Friday, May 28, 2021

Keeping number two green healthy.

 Number two green has been the biggest challenge on the course for all of the years I have worked here.  We have tried everything that we can think of to keep all of it alive for an entire season.  There have been years that we have not had to lay new sod on that green, but over the last several years it has required new sod in the same areas each year.

We have checked the irrigation coverage,  inspected the drainage lines,  blended the sub surface root zone mix, removed trees to reduce shade and improve air movement.  A new more powerful fan was installed to increase air movement,  and outside consultants have been brought in to identify any problems.  Last fall when new sod was installed, we removed half of the root zone mix, replaced it with new, and blended it in.  We have tried using products to improve the soil microbial populations, along with additional synthetic chemicals to help maintain plant health and vigor.  Mowing height on that green has been raised to allow for more leaf surface to help the plant produce better roots and improve health.

Earlier this month Heartland Golf and Turf Services came to the course and performed the DryJect process on number two green.  This process utilizes high pressure water to inject sand into the root zone.  This accomplishes many of the same things that an aerification would do, but with less disruption to play.  As the sand is injected, it blends with the existing mix, and improves water and air movement while creating channels for the roots to grow down.

We will continue to work to find the best solution or solutions to keep the entire green healthy all season long.  There are new products that we will apply, additional cultivation steps that will be taken, along with additional investigations to identify any existing problems.  So far this year, it is in great shape.  Hopefully it stays that way.