Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Great Weather for Golf

 The golf course has really greened up over the last few weeks.  The fairways have been mowed a couple of times.  The first cut on the rough was done this week.  I hear that the greens are rolling quite nicely.  We have our aerification scheduled for April 26&27 this spring.  Doing the aerification that late, should make for a shorter time for healing them back in.  

Work on a golf course in the spring always seems to pile up.  Chemical applications or burning that must be delayed because of high winds, work that can't be done because of excess moisture.  Each year, it seems that we are fighting with Mother Nature to get caught up on the work required on the course.  Don't get me wrong, I love watching the course come out of it's winter dormancy, return to the lush green color and spring back to life.  I am simply complaining about the weather and how it can complicate the work that must get done.  The work will get done, we will just wait until Mother Nature gives us proper conditions.

This time every year, I like to remind my readers that do their own lawn work, that it is time for your application of pre-emergent herbicide.  I was taught that it needs to be applied and watered in before tax day, April 15th.  This application can be combined with a broadleaf weed control to help keep your lawn weed free all season long.  You still have a couple of weeks to get it done, and hopefully you can get a window of weather that works for you.