Friday, October 1, 2021

Tee Box Renovation

 We have started renovating some of the tee boxes here at the course.  We are starting with the ones that we feel are in the worst shape.  The process starts by identifying the original shape of the area by probing to see where the edges of the sand base are.  Once the original shape is identified, the sod is cut off and removed.  When cutting the sod, the goal is to remove much of the thatch that has formed over the past 20 years.  After the sod is removed, fresh sand is applied and an aerifier is used to blend the new sand into the old growing mix.  The next step is to level out the tee top and apply nutrients to help the new grass establish.   Seed is then spread onto the surface and tracked in to help hold the seed in place, and improve the germination rate.  The new seed will be watered several times each day until it begins to grow roots enough so that water can be slowly reduced.

The first tee boxes to be done are the white boxes on 8, 10, and 12.  It took 5 days for the seed to germinate and become visible to the naked eye.  The Creeping Bentgrass will spread and mature over the next several months and should be ready for play in the spring.  

The primary objectives for this project are to; 1) Obtain a clean, solid stand of bentgrass. 2) Level out any undulations that have formed over the years.  3) Have a tee that is better suited to handle the summer heat.

While this project is progressing, you will see that the tee markers will be moved forward or backward on any given hole.  Please be patient and understanding while we work to make improvements to the course.