Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Aerification Time????

Most golf courses wouldn't even be thinking about Fall aerification yet.  Here at Sycamore Ridge, we really aren't thinking about it any more.  As I write this blog, we are putting the finishing touches on our fall aerification.  This unbelievably cool weather allowed us to aerify all of the greens on the course over the last two days.

Many people would ask why so early?  Well, we saw an opportunity and we took it.  Aerification was actually scheduled to happen in two weeks, but the long range forecast showed the heat returning to our area.  With a busy fall event schedule, we new that if we didn't get it done before mid August, our next window of opportunity would be in October.  The recent break in the heat, was the perfect time to get it done. 

Getting this done was a surprise to all of us, including myself.  I know that I inconvenienced some golfers in the process, and for that I apologize.  This aerification was not even thought about until yesterday morning.  Fortunately the Tee-sheet was light enough and the Pro-shop staff was supportive, making it possible.

I know that the heat will return later this week and the greens may require a little more attention over the month of August, but they will heal in very quickly and be in excellent condition when the other courses in the area are doing the aerification on their greens.  Again, I apologize to anyone that I upset with this last minute decision, and I appreciate your understanding and support.