Friday, August 16, 2019

Really People???? Rantings from a Superintendent.

As the summer drags on and the stress of trying to keep the course conditions as nice as possible,  I have come across a few things I need to vent about.  I know that not a single reader of my blog is responsible for things like this, but you are my audience. So, please, bear with me.

Please fill or replace your divots!!!  Notice in the picture that the cart path is just a few feet away, the pelts of grass were laying just a few yards away.  There is absolutely no reason not to take the time to respect the course and other golfers in this situation.  I can only hope that the individual that did this, lands in a divot like this one day and has to play it as it lies.

Keep your carts out of restricted areas!!!  Some times, a cart will cause damage to the turf when it is turned to sharply, but doing donuts in the fairway is rude.  To top it off, this is on a hole that is always cart path only.  The cart should not have been there at all. 

Never drive your cart on a green!!! All of these should go without saying, but some people just don't care.  A handicap is the only possible reason for a person to drive their cart on the green.  This was not that.

I always want our customers to enjoy the time they spend at Sycamore Ridge.  We are a golf course, not an amusement park.  Please use your head for more than a hat holder.  Respect the property that requires a lot of effort to maintain.