Monday, July 31, 2017

Time for aerification

Here at Sycamore Ridge, we like to do at least two core aerifications every year.  The fantastic ten day forecast is going to allow us to get or second arerification done in August again this year.  This will expedite the healing of the stressed areas on the greens.  Core aerification is a necessary evil in the golf course maintenance business-- the benefits are numerous. With removal of the core, and back-filling with sand, the thatch in the green is diluted, air exchange is increased, water infiltration is improved and compaction is reduced.
As I write this blog, we are finishing up our process on the putting and chipping greens.  We do everything possible to minimize gofer impact from aerification.  A fertilizer was applied to the greens last week, and more nutrients will be applied when the holes are filled with sand.  These nutrients will help the greens heal quickly and get them smooth once again.  If weather permits, the greens on the course will be completed early next week, then they will be filled in soon after.  During the next few weeks, we will do additional rolling of the greens to help maintain smoothness.

Please be patient and understand that while this process may cause a short term inconvenience to you as a golfer, the long term benefits are important. Below is a picture of the finished putting green.