Tuesday, September 5, 2017

That was quite a little rain storm

On the night of August 22, 2017 we received nearly 9" of rain on the golf course.  There was no significant damage to the course, just a lot of silt and debris left over after the water level dropped.  The water level was completely over number two and three greens, and half way up on number four green.  This level is higher than I have seen in my 11 years at Sycamore Ridge.  The maintenance staff spent three days cleaning up the mess on holes 1-4.  This process included washing the greens, raking and blowing debris off of the fairways, Removing and replacing contaminated sand in the bunkers, and cutting up the logs that were deposited on the course by the water.  There was some heavy silt left in these fairways, which may require over-seeding to improve the turf quality.

#2 Bunkers

#2 Fairway

#3 Green

#4 fairway

The effects of this storm on our course pale in comparison to many other courses in the Kansas City metro area.  We are very fortunate that Sycamore Ridge drains out quickly and that we really had no significant damage to the course.  It will take time for everything to return to normal and for us to see zero remnants of this storm, but for now, Sycamore Ridge is in excellent condition.

All of the staff at Sycamore Ridge stepped up and helped with the clean-up after the storm.  We could not have had the course open as quickly as we did without their help.  The customers were gracious in their understanding of the situation as well.  I offer a sincere thank you to every individual employee and golfer that was impacted by this storm and the conditions it created.