Thursday, November 1, 2018

Improvement projects

At Sycamore Ridge, we are always looking for ways to improve your golfing experience.  There are several projects planned for the upcoming months.  It is always easier to work on projects during the winter months because the daily demands of the established turf decline significantly. 

The first project was started yesterday.  The end of the first fairway on hole number seven, has been washed out from excessive traffic, rain, and an abundance of rocks just below the surface of the grass.  The plan includes removing the rocks at the surface, constructing a small wall, and back filling with soil to create a better growing environment for the turf.  As we started to remove the rocks, there were some that made it clear why the grass could not grow in that area.  The one pictured, took three of us twenty minutes to unearth, and will require a skid loader to pick up.  The smaller rocks that were at the surface filled the bed of a large utility vehicle.  When this project is completed, the grass should be better prepared to handle the cart traffic and provide a safer surface to hit a ball from.

 After the wall is constructed and back filled, we will remove some of the bentgrass from the end of the fairway, and replace it with fescue for rough.  This will create a wider strip of rough to hopefully catch more balls that roll through the fairway, and stop them before they get to the path.

It is anticipated that this project will be completed early in November.  When finished, we will move on to other areas  to continue improving the course for the enjoyment of our golfers.  I will not spoil the surprise by naming the projects that are planned, you will need to stay tuned to our social media, or come play a round of golf to check things out.  We will continue working for you, trying to provide the best possible course conditions year round.